New features! Design Improvements, Image Uploads, and More.

Product Jan 2, 2023

Welcome once again to Orvium new features! This month, we have a host of exciting new features to share with you. Our tech team has been hard at work to bring you improvements on the moderation panel, more personalized options, and date options, just to name a few.

We are constantly striving to improve and make things better for our users, and we can't wait for you to try out these new updates. Whether you're a seasoned Orvium user or new to the platform, we think you'll find these features to be a welcome addition. So why wait? Dive in and see all that Orvium has to offer!

Moderation Panel Design

As we always say tech team is always looking to modernize and improve the moderation panel, so this time was the publications tab turn. With the new design is much easier to see the authors and to read and understand the important points of a new publication.  

Upload Images to Communities and Profile

Personalize your profile! Now, on your profile, you can add a banner image from the edit section. Easy and simple, just select any picture you want (if it represents you or your field the better).

And about communities, you can also add any picture you want. Just go to the edit section on your community and add the image for the profile, banner, and community card.

Review Deadline

We always listen to our users, so when creating a review invitation for someone, you can select and then add an orientation deadline to accept the invitation.

Easy Download Review

Accessibility is important for us. Now you can download any review file just by clicking the button without getting into the review page to look for it.

Create Publication New Options

Lastly, we added some new options when creating a publication. These are ''Abstract'' and ''Extended abstract''.

That's all for now! Please, don't hesitate to try these and more exciting features at:

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