Top Online Tools for Researchers and Students

Academic Resources Dec 19, 2022

As an academic, you know firsthand the importance of staying organized and productive to succeed in your studies and research. Fortunately, many online tools are now available to help you streamline your workflow and make your work life a little easier.

In this post, we'll share some of the best online tools for academics that you can use to boost your productivity and get ahead in your studies.

Best Tools for Academics

Using tools when doing a research paper can help you save time, stay organized, and collaborate more effectively with others. This can ultimately help you produce a higher-quality research paper and make writing it much more efficient.

Here are some of the best tools you can use to improve your work life as a researcher or student:

  • Reliable reference manager: With a reference manager, you can easily organize and store all of your research materials, including articles, papers, and books. Some popular options include Mendeley and Zotero.
  • Cloud-based document editor: These tools allow you to work on your documents from anywhere, Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 are both excellent choices.
  • Keep track of schedules and to-do lists: Asana and Trello can be extremely helpful.
  • Improve writing skills: Grammarly is a popular choice for checking for grammatical errors, and ProWritingAid can help you improve the structure and clarity of your writing.
  • Plagiarism checker: Helps users identify copied content on the internet, Turnitin and Copyscape are great for it.

Overall, there are countless online tools available to help academics streamline their workflows and improve their productivity. Whether you're a researcher, student, or faculty member, there's sure to be a tool that can help you succeed in your academic pursuits.

Orvium as a Tool for Academics

Orvium is a decentralized open-source platform that allows academics to publish, share, and collaborate on research papers and other scholarly works. One of the major benefits of using Orvium as a tool for academics is that it allows you to easily publish and share your work, which can help increase its visibility and impact.

One of the key features of Orvium is that it is built on blockchain technology, which means that all published works are stored in a decentralized network. This makes it easy for other researchers and academics to find and access your work, as it is indexed and easily searchable.

In addition to publishing and sharing your work, Orvium also provides several tools and features that can be useful for academics. For example, you can use the platform to collaborate with other researchers, track the impact of your work, and receive feedback on your research.

Orvium is a powerful tool for academics that can help you share and collaborate on your research, increase the visibility of your work, and track its impact. Whether you're a student, researcher, or faculty member, Orvium is definitely worth considering as a way to share and promote your work.

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