New Features! Introducing OpenAIRE indexing, import by DOI, allow peer reviews and more...

Product Apr 7, 2021

Here we show you the new updates on the platform, provided by our inexhaustible tech team. You can read more about these new features below. In case you want to suggest us new ones, do not hesitate to make us know :)

OpenAIRE Indexing: Now Orvium collaborates with OpenAIRE, this way, the articles published in Orvium will be indexed in OpenAIRE. If you want to know more about this collaboration, you can read our article with all the info here.

Import by DOI: Have you published your paper in other repository but you want to publish it in Orvium? With Orvium you just need to paste the DOI of your article and we'll do all the hard work by importing all the metadata of your article (consider we can only import the metadata the publisher exposes).

Enable/Disable peer reviews: Once you are preparing your publication for submit, you can block on allow future reviews with the below button.


Reorder authors: You can reorder publication authors by drag and drop their chips names directly in the edit view of you publication to preserve the right order.

This is all for now. Thank you for being curious and for your attention. We hope you find this new features useful for your experience in Orvium.

Try these and more exciting features at:

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to our announcements across any of the Orvium social media channels and feel free to reach us out.


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