New features! Introducing dark theme, open in Overleaf, citations, and more...

Product Jul 13, 2020

Open Access was never that easy with the following interface and functionality enhancements, along with a huge improvement on how publications are indexed in Orvium.

Dark theme: Users can switch between light and dark mode. Light mode is the best in terms of readability and dark mode is better for reducing eye strain in low light conditions and energy efficiency.

Open in Overleaf: If you use LaTeX files in your publication, now you can open them directly in Overleaf editor.

New edit button in Files section

References and citation:  Researches can indicate the references of their publication and also check how can be cite and specific publication.

Two references being added
Citation button is on the top right corner "

More details about authors: Authors come with more detailed information such as ORCID and email.

Profile: profile pictures are now compatible with Gravatar. If you are not familiar with this service we recommend you to take a look at it, it's an easy way to manage your profile picture across all your apps. Besides, you can also know the completion percentage of your profile.

General improvements: This release comes with many performance and indexing improvements. A dedicated post on the last will be released soon with more details.

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