New features! Increase your exposure as a reviewer, added single-blind and double-blind review, optional publishing using blockchain, and more…

Product Jun 18, 2019

We know it’s been a while since our last release. A lot of stuff is going on at Orvium during the last weeks, but nevertheless, we brought you a whole bunch of features in this last release. Check them out and don’t forget to give us some feedback or propose new functionalities you would like to see on the platform:

  • Pre-register to become Orvium Reviewer: we are now open to pre-registrations to become a trusted reviewer in our platform! By doing peer reviews and increasing your reputation you will start gaining more privileges in the platform. We will have several community levels to define some unique things that you could do in Orvium, and you will have access to a private dashboard to track papers in your area of expertise requiring peer reviews and monitor the status of your own peer reviews. 
    We will give you soon more details about this program in a dedicated post. To pre-register, signup or login in Orvium, go to your profile page, click on the “Apply” button, and fill the 1-min form.
Apply to reviewer within your profile page
  • Metamask ON/OFF: now is up to you if you want to start using Metamask to save the authorship of your work in the blockchain or reward reviewers when they validate your work. Simply install Metamask and turn the toggle placed on the top right corner on.
Metamask toggle
  • Send paper to review: make your paper available for reviewers. They will validate your work and give you feedback. Later on, remember to reward them if they did a good job 💰
Send Paper to Review
  • Add single & double-blind review: before this release, all papers were published under an open peer review model. Now you can choose between single-blind and double-blind reviews when creating your publication:
Review types

This means, with double-blind review, both the identity of the author and the reviewer will be hidden and with single-blind review, just the reviewer identity will be secret.

Reviewer identity is hidden — both name and avatar
  • Optional publishing using blockchain: before this release, if you wanted to have your work published in the platform you had to install Metamask and interact with the blockchain. We know that many of you are not familiar with these tools so we made this step optional. Now you have a nice&blue button that lets you publish your work directly. Of course, if you want to publish it in the blockchain (Proof of Stamp) you can still do it, these are two separated processes now :)
Make your paper public
Save the authorship of your paper in the Blockchain
  • Article meta tags: Google Scholar uses meta tags to index scholarly content in its search engine. Articles published in Orvium will now expose these meta tags (specifically, Highwire Press meta tags format) in order to help Google Scholar to index them.
  • Bug fixes & UX improvements: below some changes in the interface that improve the user experience:
Proof Stamp and Reviewer rewards action buttons

Go and check these and more features to

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to our announcements across Orvium social media channels and feel free to reach us out.


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