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Product Oct 11, 2018

Announcement comes as Orvium is recognized as Standard Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services

The Orvium Labs Team is proud to announce the launch of Orvium Beta, the first version of its decentralised social platform for scientific collaboration, funding, and publication management. The team announced last October 9th the public release of its open-source solution which is publicly accessible in https://beta.orvium.io.

The announcement of the early stage platform comes along with Orvium being recognised as a Standard Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, a significant milestone in its mission to streamline the academic review and publishing process.

These are pretty exciting times for the team who has been working hard preparing the release of the solution for the last few months. The platform contains multiple features that are open to anyone who wants to understand the vision of the team. It also helps to align this vision with the community as the team is looking forward to engaging with them on their experience using the public beta as they move towards their ultimate goal of completing the Orvium platform.

The Beta Platform allows users to submit their research for potential publication, work through submission drafts, and keep track of the paper’s life cycle from research to publication. Orvium users will also be able to search the platform for research data and publications relevant to their work. Additional features include a function for academics to share links to their research on Facebook and Twitter. The Orvium team is directly aligned with the vision of the Open Access 2020 initiative, a strategy geared towards improving the visibility, cost and speed in the scholarly publishing market while also moving away from the traditional subscriptions models.

Platform: https://beta.orvium.io/

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