New Features! Extra Files, Claim your Article, and more!

Product Nov 30, 2022

Get ready to learn about the newest feature in our platform: review extra files, loading data spinners, personalized reviewer invitations, more improvements when sending emails, and claim your article bottom! The tech team is constantly adding new features to make the platform more complete. Good job tech team!

Review Extra Files

The newest update when someone made you a review is that you can now see the ''extra files'' if someone sends you one, and also download it. With this, your papers get more visibility and make everything easier.

UX Improvements

We always listen to your feedback, that's why now you can see the ''Loading data'' spinner whenever a new page is charging to avoid any confusion and, of course, improve your user experience on our platform.

More Personalized Invitation

Now when inviting a reviewer you can add the name of the person you are going to send the invitation to and also write a message. This is way more personal than before.

Communities e-mail Improvements

In the last new feature post, we introduce you to customized e-mails from your own community members. As the tech team is always, there to keep making things better, they improve this as well. Now if you made too many changes and you just don't like them, you can get back to the default e-mail pretty easily:

We have also organized and simplified the e-mail template search by organizing them in groups, as may be for the editor, moderator, publication, and many others.

Claim your Article!

Last but not least, we added the ''Claim article'' button at the deposit view. So if someone uploaded an article to the platform an article and belongs to you, just press the button to claim it.

That's all for now! Please, don't hesitate to try these and more exciting features at:

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