New Features! Create Custom Templates for your Community E-mail and Enhancements to the Community Building and Moderation Panel

Product Oct 26, 2022

Get ready to learn about the newest feature in our platform: better organization when creating or editing your community, and an improved moderation panel for reviews. And the best for the end, personalized emails for your community! The tech team is constantly adding new features to make the platform more complete. Good job tech team!

Community Improvements:

When you create a community or if you already have one and need to edit some information, now when pressing in your left menu you will see two tabs, Settings, and Integrations.

In Settings, you will find the basic information you need to fill in, in order to create a community, and the Integrations tab has integrations with third parties like Data Cite, Stripe, Crossref, and iThenticate.

Also for the communities, now you have the possibility to create totally customized e-mails within your own community members completely personalized with the new ''edit emails'' tool on your community page.  

First, select between the templates list, for which event you want to edit the email. The email editor will show up where you can modify anything: your community logo, text, colors, etc.  

You can use our "Dynamic variables", these are basically reserved words that will be replaced with real values when the email is sent, ie: author name, community name, publication title, etc.

Simply select a category like "community" and then copy the dynamic variable you want to use in your email, ie: {{communiyName}} (remember to copy also the curly brackets into your text) and paste it right in your template where you want that dynamic variable to be in.  

If you want to see how the email will look when sent, then click on the ''Send a test email'' button to have a preview look.

Moderation Panel News:

The Reviews tab in the moderation panel has a new and better design. Now you can find better-organized reviews.

That's all for now! Please, don't hesitate to try these and more exciting features at:

There are more exciting features coming up in the following weeks we know you'll love!

Stay tuned to our announcements across any of the Orvium social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram), and feel free to reach out.


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