New Features! Create your Community Button and Orvium Bites

Product Sep 28, 2022

Get ready to learn about the newest feature in our communities: Create a community button and also Orvium bites, videos that will help you to understand better our platform. The tech team is constantly adding new things to make the platform much more complete. Maybe they deserve a break (maybe :P)

Create a community:

We added the function to create your own community.

Create Community Button

Fill up the form that appears right after you press the button that you will find on our home page. Once you press submit, a new tab named "My Communities" will appear in the community section, where you will see all the communities you own.

At the same time, the team in Orvium will receive a notification with your community request in order to validate everything is correct. Once approved by Orvium, the community will be visible to everyone under the communities section.

New Orvium Bites videos:

We have been working on these new videos to explain in an easy and short way the different functions around the platform. You will find these videos all around the platform and on our Youtube channel.

These new videos will be released every Monday and you can already watch a few on our Youtube channel or watch them on our platform when you need help using it.

Orvium Channel

That's all for now! Please, don't hesitate to try these and more exciting features at:

There are more exciting features coming up in the following weeks we know you'll love!

Stay tuned to our announcements across any of the Orvium social media channels and feel free to reach out.


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