New Features! Know more about our New Functionality: the Conference Program

Product Aug 24, 2022

Get ready to learn about the newest feature in our communities: the conference program! You can manage everything from one place if you have a conference community. Our tech team never stops and always brings us new features as fast as possible!

Conference Program

Now you can help your conference attendees to better organize their time during your conference with the new Orvium Conference Program. Go to your community landing page and click on the "View Program" button. At the top, click on"Create a Session". Once inside you will find the following page:

Sessions edition page

On this page, you will be able to edit the different session data. To do this, select the track the session belongs to. Once selected, you will see the different papers associated with that particular track, and you can easily select which one you want to include in the session.

Once the paper is selected, the authors associated with it will automatically appear, making it easier to select them.

With this automated process, sessions can be created more comfortably and quickly.

Once created, click the "view program" button where you can find all information about the different sessions at the conference.

View the program on the community home page

The program is ordered by day and in order of sessions. You can also use the search engine, which allows you to enter the name of the author or the title of the paper, as well as filter by the different tracks that the conference contains. Also, choose which day of the conference you want to see, and select it.

Search engine and filters

By clicking on a specific session, you will see which speakers will participate, the list of papers that will be presented and the session times. You can also edit the sessions from here.

Session view

Besides, you can select the papers you are interested in and mark them as favorites to access them later.

You can view and test the functionalities of a session here:

That's all for now! Please, don't hesitate to try these and more exciting features at:

There are more exciting features coming up in the following weeks we know you'll love!

Stay tuned to our announcements across any of the Orvium social media channels and feel free to reach out.


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