Orvium Bites: How to Make a Second Version of your Article

Orvium Bites Oct 10, 2022

In today's video, we will show you how an author can make a second version of an article, including feedback from reviewers. Also, if you are an editor, you will find out how to accept or reject this second version by using the moderation panel.

As an author, go to "My Publications" and choose the publication you want to create a revision. This publication is version one, which has received feedback from the reviewers.  By clicking the "Create revision" button, you will create a second version of your article. Here, you will be able to add the new article, but with the reviewer's feedback. Once you have added the new article, click on the "Submit" button to send this new version to the editorial board, so the editors can make a decision about it.

Keep in mind it is very important to download the file from version one to add the feedback from reviewers, and to keep the latest changes from the editors.

Now if you go back to your publication, you will find version two which corresponds to the revision just created. You can move between versions by making click on "View" and see how the status changes from "Preprint" in version one to "Pending Approval" in the revision. Then, it's time for editors to accept or reject this second version.

As an editor go to the moderator's panel and search for this second version of the publication. You will find a new button along with the publication, "Merge". By pressing this button you will overwrite version two with version one keeping the latest changes.

Now, if the author goes back to the publication view, version two has disappeared as it has been merged with version one which keeps the reviewers’ feedback. Version two will remain visible only for editors with the status Merged.

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