Orvium Bites: How to Create Reviews and Manage Invitations

Orvium Bites Sep 26, 2022

Orvium allows you to easily create and manage reviews from your own profile. Today we talk about how you can create them and accept or reject review invitations.

On your profile, click on "My Reviews". On the following page, you will find three different sections:

  • Invitations: in this tab, you can see all the invitations you have to review an article and accept or reject them. Once you have accepted a review, you can start writing it from here as well. In the review details, you can write general comments, make a decision and add the review file. Once you have done, click the "submit" button. You can finish your review later too.

Remember that you can include modifications in your review while this is on the draft status.

  • In progress: here you can find the reviews you haven't finished yet and continue with them, by clicking "edit". Once you finish your review and submit it, your review will change its status from draft to pending approval and you won't include more changes.
  • Resolved: here you will find the revisions you have already made and which have been accepted by the editors. You can also see and download your reviews by clicking "view".

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You can also check out our video on how to invite reviewers and copy editors to your article here.


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