The benefits of Orvium open access publishing platform

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Orvium defines itself as an open access peer review platform for all researchers’ and investigators’ publishing needs. The company seeks to leverage the faults of the usual publishing model that increases the costs for the universities and hampers the chances for authors to publish their works and obtain recognition for them. So, under these circumstances, Orvium offers a service that arises as beneficial for all agents of this situation, as there are universities, researchers, and Orvium itself. And emphasizes the benefits of open access and peer review for universities and their collaborators.

Which are the benefits of open access?
Open access is the alternative for the actual scientific publishing model, the subscription model. Open access emerges as the path towards a fairer, clearer, and more connected system. Pursues open communication among every agent of the scientific community, not only for the sake of science but for society too. The usual model is a subscription model where universities pay an outrageous annual fee so their investigators can access journals under the subscription to publish their work. But the publishing process is long and opaque, and in many occasions, the papers are rejected by journals. They usually turn down the research and make authors to change their paper and send it to another editorial. Producing them a huge frustration due to the rejection and the long time lost in the process.

Given the situation, open access pursues an accessible and transparent science where knowledge is freely shared worldwide. The aim is to provide unrestricted access to any research, foster discovery, and share knowledge based on an equitable model. Open access allows you to share your work with the whole world without restrictions, to obtain the recognition your research deserves, and to collaborate with dynamic knowledge sharing. Thanks to the easy access to information where not only researchers get beneficiated, but the whole society too.

But… what it’s wrong with it?
The main problem of the classic model is that the universities must spend millions of dollars on subscription fees that provide access to a limited selection of academic journals. This lowers access to knowledge to their students and staff, so many universities start getting interested in the open access model.  Nevertheless, not all universities can afford to go full open access, with an average price of £2,147 per paper. Some universities and research institutions host their own open access journals but these kinds of journals are complex to manage remarkable resources, time, and staff are required to sustain the system, train administrators, support end-users, find peer reviewers, etc.

What does Orvium offer to change this situation?
Orvium works under the belief that the subscription publishing model can be improved and that the open access world should have a new platform based on transparency and open science where the mentioned drawbacks are solved. So Orvium offers an open access publishing platform for universities and any research institutions willing to enable researchers to lead the publishing process in a community driven environment. Our solution seeks to help universities and these research institutions to better engage with their researchers and staff to encourage them to publish their works. Our service offers to expand your audience by making it accessible globally without any barriers for any researchers or individual interested in the topic thanks to open access. Authors are in control of the process by owning the copyright of their work, which also reduces the publication time.

One of the aims of this project is also to leverage that Orvium is an open access platform and unite scientists of every discipline so they can interact between them. This way, open communication, scientific knowledge sharing, and new advances are performed. Researchers will share their works with each other and as comments are allowed, there can be scientific discussions about a topic. Making communication fluid and any member of the platform can see the work and the debate, and get information from it.

To sum up, Orvium works to improve the subscription publishing model and repair the inefficiencies the open access model has. In order to do so, the team built a new open science publishing platform characterized by being fair, accessible, and transparent. Committed to create a global network where researchers from all over the world can access easily and freely and share their knowledge of any discipline, and obtain the recognition they warrant.  

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