Obstacles in Academic Publishing

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The publication process is not a simple process, and in the current scenario, there
are still many difficulties when it comes to publishing a work. Although the traditional publication paradigm is in the process of changing and is trying to modify some aspects of publication, there are still some difficulties in publishing.

Today we talk about some of these difficulties and clarify how Orvium is trying to
overcome them.

Current Situation

Today, the world of scholarly publishing is in the midst of change. With the
the emergence of Open Access, many traditional aspects of publishing are changing. Open Access encourages greater participation by the research community and less biased and broad publication of research.

However, difficulties can still be encountered in this process.

Traditional Publishing

Despite the fact that Open Access publishing is becoming more and more
established, traditional paid publishing still plays a very important role. Many authors have not yet taken the step to Open Access publishing, making the old model still prevalent and hindering the advance of Open Access.

This also affects newer authors, since they find that traditional publishing is where
they can find more possibilities to publish and make their work known, since these
journals are usually the ones with the highest impact factor. Thus, a cycle is created that is often difficult to break.

Publish or Perish

These terms refer to the fact of putting the publication of a large number of articles
before their quality. Even today, the fact of publishing more is still presented as a
factor to measure the worth of a researcher and even affects the time to receive
funding for research. It is understood that if a researcher has not published for some time, it is because he is not sufficiently involved in his work.

This brings a series of problems and stress to the authors themselves, who are under pressure to publish non-stop in order to obtain recognition. It also brings
problems to current research, as it affects the quality of the research, which is often lower than it could be.

Peer Review

Although peer review is a fundamental process when it comes to publishing in the
scientific field, the conditions involved in this process make it a process that has many flaws. In the first place, reviewers do not usually receive any compensation for this work, making it more complicated to find researchers willing to do it.

Added to the fact that the people who are willing to do it usually have to spend their own time doing it, without any compensation and, in many cases, without previous preparation, make this essential process something that still has many aspects to improve.

Predatory Journals

Adding all the factors mentioned above, the ideal scenario is created for the
the emergence of predatory journals. These journals take advantage of the needs
presented by the authors to benefit from this to the detriment of the
researchers, to whom they offer empty promises in order to obtain profitability.

What Orvium offers

At Orvium we are aware that publishing today can be a challenge, and that is why we always try to adapt to the needs that researchers may have.

With us, you can publish immediately on our platform. In addition, because we are
community-based, we facilitate contact with reviewers and researchers, making the review process easier. As we are an Open Access platform, we also help you get
your work out there faster and facilitate the publication process.

If you want to know more about us and how we work, do not hesitate to visit our
platform. You can also follow us on social networks to keep up to date with all the