Meet the team: Interview with Sergio

Team Feb 10, 2020

Today we want to introduce you to Sergio Navarro, our brand new Software Engineer. Sergio is a super nice guy and very talented software developer. He joined the team recently to help us build the Orvium platform. Let's find more about his personality and hobbies:

Your name?, the real one! :)

Sergio Navarro Moraza

Favorite movie?

I'm a big fan of The Lord of the Rings but if I have to choose one I will say The Two Towers.

Do you play music?

I love rock music and bands like Scorpions or Foo Fighters. In my spare time I play electric guitar. Although I'm not as good as Angus Young, I play some nice riffs. 🎸

What is last book you read?

“Sin noticias de Gurb” by Eduardo Mendoza. My uncle recommended it.

Do you have any hobbies or favorite sport? (curling is not allowed, XD)

Videogames, cinema, hiking and travel. I am also a big supporter of Baskonia basketball team. 🏀

Tell us a bit more about yourself? How did you get into software development?

It all started a few years ago, when I was a child and my neighbour gave me away an old computer. At that moment, I started getting interested in software development.

What do you love about your profession?

Programming gives me the opportunity to create many of the ideas I always have.

What is your philosophy behind software engineering?

On Facebook they have a philosophy called “move fast and break things”. You can be talking for hours about that incredible new technology but what really matters is to start using it. 💻

What brought you to Orvium? What do you like about the product?

I am a great defender of open access in scientific publications inspired by Aaron Swartz. Moreover, blockchain really fascinates me.

Any funny/interesting stories that you can share from your time in Orvium?

The day I met Roberto in person, I didn't remember correctly the time we agreed to meet. So, I went earlier and I ended up waiting for him for more than one hour! ⏰😂

Thank you very much for your honest answers Sergio! We love to have you on board and hope you enjoy your time with us at least as much as we do, WELCOME TO THE TEAM!



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