New features! Guided tour, new blockchain buttons, improved publication lists, new peer review view page, responsive toolbar...

Product May 26, 2020

Another platform release baked from the tech team directly to your eyes, hope you enjoy these news improvements, this time focused on the user experience and the look & feel of the application.

  • New guide tour: helpful tips to understand the basic functionality of the platform
  • Non blocking blockchain actions: now the interface is not blocked when using some of the blockchain functionalities, just the action selected.
  • New style for publication and review list, now these two publications list come with more detailed information so you don't have to go inside to check whether is 'open access' or what type of review the author has chosen.
  • New peer review view page, following the new publication view page, now we've created the review view page to show the most relevant information on the reviews.
  • New responsive toolbar with profile, mobile friendliness :)
  • Moved navigation bar to the left side, plus general improvements and UI fixes, updated project dependencies packages, etc.

Try these and more exciting features at:

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to our announcements across any of the Orvium social media channels and feel free to reach us out.


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