Orvium blog is now blog.orvium.io

Announcements Sep 24, 2019

The new blog is now our main source for news and uses Ghost, the most popular modern open source publishing platform.

It’s been a long relationship with our Medium blog but it is time to make things better. This is why we have migrated our blog to https://blog.orvium.io (yes, you are in the right place!) and it is now running on the Ghost publishing platform. Our Medium blog is discontinued and new posts will only appear at blog.orvium.io.

We know this can improve in many ways how we communicate with our dear community. For example, now all the information will be much easier to find as you won’t need to leave our space at orvium.io, plus we don’t need to worry if our provider changes their policies in the future in a way that might affect us (we are the provider…). Plus the fact that Ghost comes with many different juicy-integrations, features, themes, etc. which are going to make our publishing experience a lot easier.

Finally, if you feel your creativity can’t go higher and you want to collaborate with us writing about science, you can always reach out (info@orvium.io) and we’ll be more than happy to hear what you have to say and publish if it makes sense in the scope of the project.

Don’t forget to check out our platform at dapp.orvium.io


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