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Meet the team: Interview with María Risquez

Team Apr 5, 2023

Today we are very pleased to introduce you to María Risquez , our new Software Engineer in the Tech Team! She likes listening to music, walking with her dog, Folco and, although she doesn't mention it in the interview, she also tattoo. Continue reading to find out more about María.

Your name? (the real one! :)

My real name is María Risquez Sáez

Favorite movie?

I’m a huge fan of Disney movies but my favorite one is from DreamWorks. Since I was very little I have always loved horses so my favorite movie could not be other than Spirit.

Do you play music?

I don't play any instruments, unless you count playing the flute in school. I'm more of a listener, I'm nobody without my headphones.

Last book you read?

When I was little I loved to read but I've lost that habit, now I'm more into series. The last books I read were " The Hunger Games " trilogy.

Do you have any hobbies or favorite sports? (curling is not allowed)

I am not very sporty, although I love to ride my bike. Of course, you will hardly see me in a gym.

Tell us a bit more about yourself, how did you get into software development?

When I finished high school I had many doubts about what I should study. My options were Computer Engineering or Dentistry (what different worlds, right?). In the end I decided for engineering and here I am.

What do you love about your profession?

The best part is when you finally get it to compile everything right. That satisfaction cannot be described in words.

What is your philosophy behind software engineering?

In this career you never stop learning, every day you learn something new!

What brought you to Orvium? What do you like about the product?

I was looking for an internship to continue learning before finishing my degree and Gaizka told me about Orvium. At that time Roberto was looking for new profiles so I was lucky to be part of this team.

I love the procedure and the creativity of the work as well as the concept of opening science to everyone.

Any funny/interesting stories that you can share from your time in Orvium?

In my second week I was lucky enough to attend a "Pintxo Bic" and we all went in costume, it was fun to see Antonio dressed as Pikachu!

Thank you very much for your answers María!

We love to have you onboard and hope you enjoy your time with us at least as much as we do.

With this post now you know a bit more about our team. We hope you enjoyed it and remember to check our previous "Meet the Team: Interview with Jorge Blanco" from the Tech Team.


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