Christmas Jumper Day at Orvium

Team Dec 14, 2020

A Christmas jumper is not just a simple knitted jumper themed with a Christmas or winter-style design. It's more than that as it presents each year as a new opportunity to share and enjoy together, something that is very valuable especially this 2020.

This tradition borned in the UK 40 years ago and the charity "Save the Children" represents its most famous flagship. Every December, it encourages people to raise money for the charity using the slogan "Make the world better with a sweater". This year, the day fall last Friday 11th.

We'd also like to  share with all of you, this day at the office with the first "Christmas Jumper Contest" at Orvium.

You are what you eat, so eat something sweet!
Good boys! We got plenty of presents

It was a fun day at the office we hope you enjoyed too. Finally, remember to be kind, have fun and submit your articles to :)


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